Top 5 Gifts for Cat Lovers Under $10

cat lover

Are you shopping for a gift for someone you know who is a cat lover? Are you also trying to keep it affordable? Under $10? Look no further. I’ve created this Top 5 Picks list to help you do just that! If you yourself are also a cat lover, you might find something for you […] more

Garmin nuvi 40lm

Top 5 Rated Auto GPS Units Under $200: Find Out What Makes These So Popular!

Who doesn’t have a GPS unit or system nowadays? It’s almost essential to have one with you nowadays. Especially if you plan to drive anywhere outside of your local area. Almost everyone I know has one and I can’t even imagine being without mine. With so many brands and models out there, how do you […] more

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Top 5 DIY Aquaponics Guides

Aquaponics is a green alternative to standard gardening using soil. Aquaponics uses water as a medium. Aquaponics is becoming more and more popular because you can grow a ridiculously large quantity of plants in a small area. You can grow 10 times as many plants in the same amount of soil! A great benefit that […] more

canon sx40 hs

Top 5 Point and Shoot Digital Cameras

Point and shoot digital cameras are perfect for taking vacation photos and for capturing life’s spontaneity. Just point and shoot. The camera does all the behind the scenes work so you can revel in the moment and capture the memory. Most point and shoot digital cameras today already have many options that are included as […] more