A Look at The Neutrogena Light Therapy Acne Mask – Does It Work or Not?

Neutrogena has just released a new acne mask that uses light therapy to help control your acne. It’s called the Neutrogena Light Therapy Acne Mask.

This is a very promising product. And in looking over the reviews, it’s been working for the majority of people that have tried it. Here’s a run-down of the star rating of this product from various retailers.

Neutrogena Acne Mask Star Ratings

RetailerStar Rating
Here's a list of ratings from various retailers for the Neutrogena Acne Mask.

Looking at the star ratings, I see that the product has positive reviews for the most part, but Amazon’s reviews are much lower than the other retailers.

Why? Is it because the product doesn’t work?

I was skeptical when I saw the star rating on Amazon, but I still went ahead and researched a bit further. After reading the negative reviews, it seems that these negative reviews weren’t because the product didn’t work. No, but it was because people had a hard time plugging it in correctly. See, the product comes with a battery of sorts that powers the lights in the mask. You have to plug the mask into this battery controller correctly for it to work. Also, this controller only comes with 30 uses. After that, you have to buy another one if you want to keep using the mask. If you want to control you acne, then you’ll want to keep purchasing these controllers for your acne mask. This is another aspect that people didn’t like.

What’s the cost of this product?

The mask plus the first activator costs $33.69 on Amazon and each activator thereafter will cost $14.97 per month. For most people, having to pay roughly $15 each month is worth it to have clearer skin.

End result?

The product works as advertised. But you do have to keep purchasing the controllers, activators as they are called by Neutrogena.

Here is a helpful tip from Neutrogena about plugging in the activator correctly.

As with any other acne treatment, you do have to keep it up to keep your skin clear. Some reviewers say this product works the best when coupled with your current acne creams.

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