Bestselling: The Ultimate Cat Scratching Post is the Perfect Scratching Post for All Cats Even Larger Ones

All cats need to scratch and stretch. And when you have larger cats such as Maine Coons, you need a scratching post that is both tall enough and sturdy enough. This is where the Ultimate Cat Scratching Post comes in. It’s no wonder that it’s a bestseller. It’s tall enough for all cats, and it’s sturdy enough when your cat decides it wants to climb it or jump on top of it.

Here, take a look and you’ll see the quality of this awesome sisal cat scratching post:

It’s 32 inches high and comes with a 16 x 16 inch base. This is not a lightweight sisal cat scratching post by any means. It’s got weight to it. Our Maine Coon mix, Mickey, is a heavy guy, and he likes to jump and catch himself on this post. Well, this post is so sturdy that it didn’t budge when he did that. It remained steady and never toppled over.

We at definitely recommend this Ultimate Cat Scratching Post!

Take a look at this cat enjoying his.