Top 5 Bestselling Coffee Makers for the Home

There’s just something about waking up to the smell of hot coffee and maybe even some homemade bread. If you are single, it’s a pretty simple task to make yourself some hot coffee. You might have your basic drip coffee maker that you turn on first thing in the morning. But if you have a busy family of four, then you may need something that can make different kinds of coffees depending on who wants some. Also, if you are a coffee connoisseur, then you may want a coffee maker that brings out the best flavors of your ground coffee beans.

To help fit each of these needs, we’ve rounded up our top 5 favorite and bestselling coffee makers for the home.

#1: Black & Decker DCM600B 5-Cup Coffeemaker

This is your typical drip coffee maker. This one is the bestseller on Amazon. It has a rating of 4 out of 5 stars with over 1,400 reviews. For the average busy person who goes to work everyday, this is an ideal solution as you just have to fill it with your grinds and water, and then push the button and it’ll make your coffee for you while you get ready in the morning.

#2: Aeropress Coffee and Espresso Maker

Almost everybody that has tasted coffee made from an Aeropress coffee maker has said that it was the best cup of coffee they have ever tasted. It has a rating of 4.5 stars out of 5 with over 4,300 reviews. And for good reason. According to Aeropress, it’s coffee tastes so good and pure because of its micro-fine filters and it’s total submersion of your coffee grinds. And plus, it also makes espresso!

This one is definitely for the coffee connoisseur who needs good coffee. And it doesn’t take long. It takes about a minute to make your coffee and you don’t have to use boiling water. You can use water at the temperature you want to drink it, make it, and drink right away. No waiting for your coffee to cool down before drinking. And because you aren’t using boiling water, the flavor of your coffee is even richer.

#3: Mr. Coffee ECMP1000 Café Barista Premium Espresso/Cappuccino System

This is our number three that also happens to be a bestselling espresso machine. It’s got a rating of 4 stars out of 5 on Amazon with over 1,100 reviews. It comes with a control panel, a removable milk reservoir, a removable water reservoir, and an automatic milk frother.

Reviewers say this machine is really easy to use with good results. Clean this machine by filling it with vinegar and running the vinegar through.

#4: Keurig K575 Single Serve Programmable K-Cup Coffee Maker with 12 oz brew size and hot water on demand

We have a Keurig in our office and we love ours. We used to have your basic drip coffee maker, and that worked great for us too. The Keurig, though, lets us brew custom cups of coffee with each serving. If one person wants coffee and another tea, this Keurig handles it like a pro. All we have to do is to pop in a K-cup for coffee and then pop in another K-cup for tea and everybody is happy.

Like the Mr. Coffee Espresso System, you clean the Keurig by running vinegar through. The vinegar will break down any deposits that are inside the machine. The Keurig has a 4 out of 5 star rating with over 3,800 reviews.

#5: Bodum 11571-01US Pour Over Coffee Maker with Permanent Filter

With this Bodum Pour Over Coffee Maker, you can make single cups of your very own slow brew. This is a new trend, especially in San Francisco and in other cities that enjoy their coffee. It has a rating of 4.5 starts out of with over 300 reviews.

Because this is a slow brew, how your coffee tastes is very much dependent on you. You get to choose your temperature and how strong you want your coffee to be. It does take some experimenting with to find the perfect ratio of temperature, water, and coffee to make your perfect cup of joe in the morning.

This item is not part of our top 5, but it is definitely worth a mention. This coffee maker is actually a complete breakfast center! For single people living in small apartments (i.e. college students), this might be the perfect breakfast solution.

Elite Cuisine EBK-200BL Maxi-Matic 3-in-1 Multifunction Breakfast Center

It comes with a 4-cup coffee maker, a griddle for making pancakes, eggs, or bacon, and a toaster oven to toast your bread!

We give this item our Top 5 Picks award for ingenious product!