Top 5 Worst Foods to Eat If You are Trying to Lose Weight

thefatburningkitchenIf you are trying to lose weight, then there are certain foods that you should stay away from. These are foods that tell your body to gain weight or otherwise make it very difficult for your body to start burning fat. If your body is worried about sugar spikes and inflammation, then it’s not going to do a good job of burning fat. When your body is in distress, it will try to keep as much fat as possible.

Here are the five worst foods you can eat when you are trying to lose weight.

#1: Wheat

Stay away from wheat. It makes your blood sugar spike. You may notice this in the form of tingling after you’ve eaten certain kinds of breads.

#2: White rice

White rice, like wheat, will spike your blood sugar levels.

#3: Soy

Soy actually causes inflammation.

#4: Vegetable oil

Because of the refining process, vegetable oils contain free radical and trans fats that can lead to heart attacks.

#5: Sugar

Sugar accelerates your rate of aging.

Visit The Fat Burning Kitchen for healthy recipe ideas that don’t include these ingredients. Just because you are being healthy does not mean you need to deprive yourself of good food. There is so much variety out there for you to try. And being healthy gives you an excuse to do just that!