ApeSurvival.com is Giving Out a Free Self Defense Survival Strike Pen for a Limited Time Only

Free Tactical Self Defense Survival Strike Pen

We just received notice that ApeSurvival is giving out this free self defense survival strike pen. But, only for a limited time.

What is the Strike Pen?

The Strike Pen is a tactical/self defense pen. It is a working pen that you can also use as a self defense tool. It’s reinforced, so it will work better than just a plain pen. Scroll down and you’ll see a video showing you just how you can use such a pen in self defense.

It also doubles as a glass breaker if you ever need to escape from a house on fire or a car whose doors won’t open.

Tactical pens are gaining in popularity as they are a discreet means of self defense. You can carry it everywhere with you and people will think that you are just carrying a pen. After all, you are using it as a pen most of the time.

Right now, you can get this pen free. You only pay a $6.95 shipping fee if you are in the US or $9.95 if you are outside the US.

To get your free strike pen, click the link below and tell them where to ship your free tactical pen.

How to Use a Tactical Pen for Self Defense

Now that you have your free tactical strike pen, here’s a little video showing you how to use it for self-defense if you are ever attacked.

It’s about targeting the right points when someone attacks you.

The same principle applies when you are trying to break glass. You have to hit at the right angle and in the right spot for your glass to break. You’ll need to practice a bit when you get your tactical pen so you’ll be comfortable using it in an emergency.